Tiantu Capital

Founded in 2002, Tiantu Capital, the first consumer-focused private equity investor in China, is dedicated to promoting the development of Chinese consumer brands and providing value-added services to enterprises and significant gains to investors.
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years of investing experience


portfolio companies


billion RMB under management (AUM)

Early-stage investment
growth and late-stage investment


We believe that focus is the only way to professionalism. By focusing on consumer investments, we have accumulated adequate knowledge and experience in key areas of consumer companies, such as growth patterns, competitive strategies, and brand operations, thus establishing a leading research and investment system.

Investment Case

China's famous brand, a large infant formula enterprise.
China's leading chain brand, a high-end modern tea shop offering freshly brewed tea beverages.
China's leading brand and retailer of leisure marinated products.
China's largest platform for used consumer electronics trading and service.
A lifestyle platform in China that inspires people to discover and connect with a range of diverse lifestyles.
China's famous tea shop brand with Chinese style as its theme.
A large-scale chain enterprise integrating fruit cultivation, business trade and store retail, with thousands of chain stores in China.
Online mobile comics platform for young Chinese readers.
A fast growing brand offering meal replacement powders, probiotics, vitamins and dietary supplements.
A specialty coffee brand.

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