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Exclusive investment from Tiantu Capital: data-based new fast-food brand Weis Food raised nearly CN¥100 million in Series A financing round
Financing | 2021/12/09

Data-based new fast food brand Weis Food has recently completed nearly 100 million RMB in Series A financing round, exclusively invested by Tiantu Capital, and this round of financing will be mainly used for market development, terminal construction, product innovation and research and development.

Weis Food is a new fast-food brand, established in June 2019, focusing on “fast food with data”. The core goal is to provide nutritious, healthy and safe data-based fast-food products to help users easily realize the quantitative management of daily meal nutrients, thus To realize the health value of fast-food consumption. Specifically, the solution is to quantify and manage the nutritional composition of fast food with data, so that users can see and manage the nutritional composition of fast food, and everyone can conveniently achieve balanced nutrition, reasonable diet and scientific diet in fast food consumption.

The new fast food products and online applets of Weis Food were officially operated in May 2020, and are now mainly laid out in Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

Appearance of Weis Food

Weis Food provides fast food with visualized nutrition data. Each fast food is tested by high standard after production in the central kitchen, and detailed data such as “protein, carbohydrate, fat, calories, salt content, dietary fiber, food diversity” are clearly marked.

Not only can the data be clearly visible, but it can also form a customized service for “thousands of people”. Users can enter their personal physical condition data, dietary needs and related purposes (such as fitness, body maintenance, seven percent full, elimination of sensitive foods, sugar control, oil control, salt control, calorie control, etc.) into the online app of Weis Food, and the algorithm will intelligently generate nutrition data based on specific individuals and a fast food choice that meets personalized nutrition standards.

A central kitchen is responsible for the main production of Weis Food. Inspection and testing, dish development and modern production constitute the three main functions of the central kitchen. Every fast food is produced in an environment and under conditions of high cleanliness, high standards and high energy level safety management. Weis Food has also established an agile delivery system to meet and maintain the user experience. It mainly reaches users through a closed chain of the whole process of central kitchen - cold chain - small terminal station. In addition to the traditional delivery method, Weis is setting up terminal stations in CBD and business office areas for users to pick up their own food.

Pan Pan, the managing partner of Tiantu Capital, said, “We are different from traditional category innovation and market innovation in upgrading the core value of the fast-food industry and even the catering industry. The nutritional quantification concept implemented by Weis Food is in line with people’s demands and preferences in the post-epidemic era, and is also very much in line with the trend of digital consumption. In addition, we also see from the data their high business growth, extremely high repurchase and referral rates and very good user feedback, all of which indicate that Weis has the potential for a brand explosion.”

Pei Lan, the vice president of Tiantu Capital, said, “Weis Food pioneered a unique central kitchen system plus cold chain to reach the terminal, which is compatible with the rich flavors of China's great rivers and north and south while ensuring taste and quality, such a Chinese food supply chain is valuable and barrier. The delivery method of Weis will eventually be based on the terminal small station delivery method, because the central kitchen completes 98% of the process, which greatly reduces the operational difficulty, complexity of operation and management of the terminal, making the terminal expansion more executable and efficient.”

Wei Qiang, the founder of Weis Food, said that the health management problem of catering is the data management problem, and health will be the most core value of fast-food consumption and supply. With the accelerated pace of work and life, fast food penetration is continuing to increase year by year in large proportion, fast food as just consumption has become an important factor affecting people’s health. “With economic development and improved quality of life, people are entering a phase of over-eating and over-nutrition, and human food civilization is accelerating toward the era of eating right after the era of eating enough and eating well.”

Founder Wei Qiang was the founder of Yida Tong, the largest foreign trade integrated service platform in China, former vice president of Alibaba Group, general manager of Alibaba B2B foreign trade integrated business division, and strategic advisor of Alibaba Group. Previously Wei Qiang had caused three high chronic diseases due to physical obesity, so he resigned in 2017 to carry out body management, lost 54 pounds in three months and developed scientific habits, which was the original intention of the founding of the Weis Food project. In addition, the core technical team of Weis comes from Tencent, Ali, Huawei and other enterprises, and the catering team is now led by first-class culinary masters in Asia and China.

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