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Guoquan Food was listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange
Activities | 2023/11/03
On November 2, Guoquan Food (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. successfully listed in Hong Kong stocks, with an issue price of HK$5.98 per share.

Guoquan Foods is a food solution brand for eating at home. It provides ready-to-eat, instant hot, ready-to-cook, and prepared ingredients, and focuses on at-home hot pot and barbecue products.


Yang Mingchao, chairman of Guoquan Foods, said, “As far as Guoquan Foods is concerned, achieving a Hong Kong stock IPO is not only a milestone, but also means that the company has moved towards a broader development platform. We will use this listing as an opportunity to continue to deepen our omni-channel sales network, continue to expand our business coverage, continue to improve overall operating efficiency and revenue while ensuring food safety, and further strengthen our market leadership position, with a view to bringing long-term sustainable returns to shareholders and investors.”


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