Our investments cover a wide range of sectors in the consumer industry among areas that are relevant to consumers’ lives, such as consumer retail, healthcare, artificial intelligence and life sciences. Meanwhile, we will continue to catch new opportunities driven by new sources.
China's famous brand, a large infant formula enterprise.
China's leading chain brand, a high-end modern tea shop offering freshly brewed tea beverages.
China's leading brand and retailer of leisure marinated products.
China's largest platform for used consumer electronics trading and service.
A lifestyle platform in China that inspires people to discover and connect with a range of diverse lifestyles.
China's famous tea shop brand with Chinese style as its theme.
A large-scale chain enterprise integrating fruit cultivation, business trade and store retail, with thousands of chain stores in China.
Online mobile comics platform for young Chinese readers.
A fast growing brand offering meal replacement powders, probiotics, vitamins and dietary supplements.
A specialty coffee brand.
China's famous chain brand, a tea enterprise with all categories.
Industry-leading bakery chain brand
Boutique mother&baby brand
The world's leading overall technology provider for mobile credit, a SaaS company serving the digital transformation of enterprises.
A popular ice cream brands for young people
A long-established Chinese enterprise committed to be a leading brand in the mid-to-high-end poultry food industry
A market-leading provider of clinic-based, high-quality healthcare
A leading brand of baby complementary food
China's leading in-city courier platform
China's largest community hot pot & barbecue ingredients franchised chain brand
A leading brand of children's desks and chairs
A comprehensive alcohol enterprise with a complete industry chain layout
A new skincare brand with rapid sales growth
A cross-border export brand, an enterprise for creative photography equipment
China's largest esports events operator
Innovative technology is applied to each product to provide a professional, healthy and drinking experience.
An original animation company led by a "high-quality" strategy
A high-end yogurt brand
An intelligent medical health brand
China's largest long-term rental apartment brand

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