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Forbes’ List of Chinses top 100 Midas: two managing partners of Tiantu Capital ranks in the list again
Awards | 2021/12/29

Recently, 2021 Forbes China Venture Capitalist Top 100 was re-released, and two investors and also the managing partners of Tiantu Capital, Pan Pan and Zou Yunli, were once again ranked in the list.

In 2021, Forbes China once again conducted independent research on venture capitalists active in the mainland China market, and selected 100 investors who have achieved good performance in the past five years from nearly 200 venture capital firms.

It was reported that the selection ranking refers to the exit amount of investors in the past five years, including the exit amount of portfolio companies after listing and being acquired from October 15, 2016 to October 15, 2021, as well as the development status of portfolio projects. The length of time a candidate investor has been involved in an investment project is also an important factor in the ranking. The earlier an investor enters an investment project, the more representative of that investor's judgment and vision.

This year’s results continue to be a reflection of the Matthew effect in China’s VC market and an interesting expression of the long-tail effect of venture capital. 100 investors’ exit returns accounted for 80% of all candidates’ total investment returns. This is a side note to the scarcity of projects that have stood the test of the market cycle and demonstrated long-term value over the past five years.

Throughout the past few years of the Venture Capitalist list, Forbes China said, the trend of star projects concentrating on the top institutions continues. Nearly 40% of this year’s 100 on the list are from the top 10 domestic VCs.

In addition, technology startups focusing on underlying key technologies and niche areas are gradually becoming the new wave of favorites. Projects in hard technology fields such as semiconductors, smart manufacturing, new materials, AI pharmaceuticals, etc. are increasingly sought after by the market. In the wave of digitalization and intelligent transformation and upgrading in various industries, a new era of technology-led entrepreneurship has arrived in line with China's national policy of technological self-sufficiency and self-improvement.

The following are the introductions of the two Tiantu investors on the list.

Pan Pan, the managing partner of Tiantu Capital

As the managing partner of Tiantu Capital, Mr. Pan joined the company in 2014. He is primarily responsible for VC RMB, USD funds, and angel funds. He has over 13 years of experience in the investment industry. The portfolios he is in charge of include Nayuki, TVZONE, Pagoda, Xiaoguo Culture, Saturnbird Coffee, Sexy Tea, and Baobaochanle, etc.

Mr. Pan was recognized as one of the top investors in China by the list of Securities Times Best Investors of 2021, 36Kr.com 2020 China Most Popular Investors among Entrepreneurs Top 100, PEdaily.cn 2019 China Young Investors F40, 2018 Forbes China Best Venture Capitalists, China Securities Journal Golden Bull Equity Investment Elites, ChinaVenture 2017 China Best Young Investors Top 100.

Zou Yunli, the managing partner of Tiantu Capital

She has also been a managing partner and the general manager of the private equity department of Tiantu Capital Management Center. She joined the company in 2009. Ms. Zou has abundant experience in consumption and TMT areas. The portfolios she is in charge of include Feihe Dairy, xiaohongshu, Kuaikan Comics, Guazi, VSPN, CalEX Tech, and Tongdun etc.

Ms. Zou has been recognized as one of the top investors in China by the list of 2021 Forbes China Venture Capitalists Top 100 for several times and China Best Female Venture Capitalists Top 25. Moreover, she was awarded as 2021 36Kr.com China Best Investors in Big Consumer Sector Top 20, 2019 Forbes China Best Venture Capitalists, ChinaVenture 2018 China Best Venture Capitalists Top 100, ChinaVenture 2017 China Best Venture Capitalists Top 100 and 36Kr.com 2017 China Most Popular PE Investors among Entrepreneurs Top 10.

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