Environment, Social and Governance

As a long-term value investor, we are committed to investing in enterprises with the value of solving social and environmental problems. Through effective capital allocation, scientific, professional and effective enabling mechanisms, we can help enterprises achieve commercial success while promoting social sustainable development.  
Wang Yonghua, Chairman of Tiantu Capital
  • Environment

    We integrate the concept of environmental protection into daily operation and management, and create an energy-saving, high-efficiency and environmentally friendly office environment. Meanwhile, we actively focus on climate change issues to ensure that risks arising from climate change are effectively identified, and take measures to mitigate the potential impact of climate change on the business.

  • Social

    We adheres to the concept of "people-oriented" to recruit talents from all walks of life and are committed to building a fair and inclusive workplace culture. At the same time, we actively engage in social welfare undertakings and community welfare activities, join hands with partners from all walks of life to solve social and environmental problems, and promote the construction of a harmonious society through practical actions.

  • Governance

    We incorporate sustainable development considerations into investment management and all stages of operations, promote the high-quality and sustainable development of Chinese consumer brands,and work together with stakeholders to move towards a sustainable future.

ESG Report

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